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The Birth of
Bunne & Mamalade

When Lydia Deane was pregnant with her first child, she strived to build a healthy life balance in everything she did – for herself and for the baby in her belly. She looked everywhere for clothes and products that would allow her to move gracefully and effortlessly from work to social events, from running errands to going to the gym. She longed for sleepwear that kept her comfortable at night throughout the pregnancy and nursing bras that were functional, but not lumpy and frumpy.

Bunne & Mamalade was inspired by, and born from, Lydia’s own experiences of wanting chic and beautiful maternity wear. But as a mother, fashion must come with comfort and function. In her search for such maternity products, she soon realized that they were quite hard to find! This personal problem sparked her idea for Bunne & Mamalade - a maternity line which celebrates motherhood through beautiful, comfortable, and functional products.


A Mother of Two 

Lydia Sarunrat has graced Asia with her vocal and dancing talents as a performer, as well as with her healthy living practices due to her advocacy for well-being, fitness, and self care. She is also the Co-Founder of Café Reverie & Patisserie and “Good Life Gourmet” brand, a modern-day health inspiration served up in the form of delicious, organic desserts and meals. Lydia has always believed in empowering women to achieve their full potential and enjoys sharing her tips for living a balanced life.

Our Vision & Mission

At Bunne & Mamalade (B&M), it is our mission to revolutionize the maternity wear & care industry by empowering all women to feel beautiful before, during, and after pregnancy. We have sourced the most natural, organic, and high-quality materials from places all over the world, such as Australia and Italy. With diligence in design and authentic craftsmanship, we have created each product in partnership with top designers from Thailand to ensure that the garments grace every curve of yours just right – especially the most important one… your growing belly! The B&M community exists to help you celebrate every moment of motherhood and to let you know that you’re not alone in your desire for wanting to be the best mama you can be for your child. A mother’s love is boundless, and we want you to feel loved every day, in every way.

B&M team